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SIRCONY SOUTH AFRICA was incorporated in 1995 as the first BEE manufacturer, importer & exporter of Cabling & Electronic components. With our host of experience as a professional manufacturer and exporter of Cabling & Electronic components for more than 30 years we have cemented ourselves as a reliable supplier within the South African market arena. Our global affiliates are equipped with the best machinery to meet production demands and are ISO9001 certified.

SIRCONY SOUTH AFRICA established a domestic ELECTRICAL range of accessories in 1996 for the NEW democratic South African market under the brand ?RAE?. We were than the first BEE manufacturer in this very monopolized market but had managed to establish ourselves as a household brand within 5 years.

Nothing is more important than quality and customer service at SIRCONY SOUTH AFRICA , your reliable source of Cabling, Electronic & Electrical components and accessories in Southern Africa.

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